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Owner of Ober-Haus changing



Ober-Haus, the real estate services company in the Baltic countries, has been acquired by Kiinteistömaailma, a Finnish real estate company. Since 2007, Ober-Haus has been part of Realia Group, a leader in the Finnish real estate market. Following the change in company ownership, Tarmo Kase, general manager of Ober-Haus, and the remaining leadership of the company will continue their functions in the company.

Kiinteistömaailma seeks to expand operations and grow internationally. Ober-Haus is the main player in the Baltic real estate market and this leader position is the result of the targeted approach taken by the previous owners. Ober-Haus will complement the Kiinteistömaailma Group with its high quality knowledge-based real estate brokerage and valuation services,” Risto Kyhälä, general manager of Kiinteistömaailma, added.

“The deal with Realia Group is part of a strategy to focus on business development in the countries of Northern Europe by making use of the available strong market position in Finland. I am delighted that we have found good owners for Ober-Haus who will continue to strengthen corporate operations in the Baltic countries. I would also like to thank Tarmo Kase, general manager of Ober-Haus, for his contribution to the long-term development of the company,” Kari Virta, general manager of Realia Group, said.

Ober-Haus provides a wide range of real estate services in Lithuania and the Baltic region. The company opened its first office in Tallinn in 1994. Today Ober-Haus has 19 representative offices in the main cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with over 220 employees.

Realia Group is the biggest real estate group of companies in the Nordic countries. Realia Group owns Realia Isännöinti, Realia Management, Huoneistokeskus, Huom! Huoneistomarkkinointi in Finland, and Hestia – in Sweden. The Realia Group has over 1,800 experts; its annual turnover amounts to EUR 130 million.

Set up in 1990 Kiinteistömaailm is the broadest network of Finnish real estate agencies with almost 100 offices. The company offers consultancy and brokerage services in the residential housing and commercial real estate segments. Presently Kiinteistömaailma has more than 600 real estate experts. General turnover of the offices stands at EUR 70 million annually.

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