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A career in real estate can be both financially rewarding and personally satisfying. It is sales professionalism at its best. It offers you the possibility of high income potential, personal growth, investment opportunities, challenge and prestige, and it’s fun and a people business.

At the same time, it demands hard work, long hours and the capacity to deal with many complicated issues. In short, it calls for the highest amount of personal courage, determination and stamina.

We are fiercely proud of the people who represent our company. In order to qualify they had to meet the toughest standards possible. They had to undergo thorough interviews and spend many hours to pass our own training courses in real estate. From our sales staff through to our property valuators and our advertising and marketing departments, they are truly exceptional people.

And we need more of them!

If after reading the enclosed information you are interested in discussing the possibility of a real estate career with a company with an exceptional history and growth record, then I would consider it a personal favour if you would post or fax your CV to the contacts below. You can contact also one of our counrty managers in the countries, where we operate. We would be happy to arrange an interview with you.

Our post address:
Narva mnt 53
10152 Tallinn
Our fax:+372 665 9701

This may be the rare opportunity both of us have been looking for.

Best regards,
Tarmo Kase
Country Manager
Ober Haus Real Estate Advisors

We are looking for:

Äripindade kinnisvaraspetsialist Tallinna kontorisse

Äripindade kinnisvaraspetsialist Tallinna kontorisse